Work Experience Program

Work Experience Program

The 3-month work experience programme is a real workplace simulation created to help students understand the IT work environment across cross-functional teams.   Candidates  will be interviewed and recruited into the work experience programme only after they have completed their course outlines. 

The workplace is fully remote and agile, keeping all agile ceremonies such as daily stand-ups, sprint planning, retrospect etc. All participants are to guarantee their availability for the duration of the work experience . You will be working on real life projects with deadlines and you will be expected to deliver quality job as well. There is no guarantee of pay for the work experience with Breezelearn, however, there may be roles with partner organizations we can refer you to during or after your work experience programme.

Research has shown that Work Experience Programme doubles your chances of getting your first job  between the first and fifth  month after your training 


Alumni Development Program

Alumni Development Program (ADP) is part of Tech Hubs development series designed to keep our program graduates, interns, and professionals up to date with the latest trend and recent changings going on in the technological space. 

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“I learned essential tools and obtained crucial experience through completing projects. This built my portfolio and helped me attract recruiters.”

Caitlin Robins
Frontend Programmer- React Apps

“Breezelearn has had an instrumental impact on my career. Without the QA & Software Testing Program credential, I would not have managed to get this far.”

George Ray
QA & Software Testing

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